Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School’s skylight project was a courtyard enclosure. The enclosure consisted of several back-to-back sawtooth skylights with large formed gutters in between.

The skylights incorporate both standard insulated laminated glass and View Electrochromic Glass. View Electrochromic customized glass system provides tinting of the glass that is controlled by a computer, based on the intensity of the sun and pre-set preferences. This high-tech system can have standards pre-programmed based on the time of day as well as individual remote controls that can make tint changes lighter or darker depending on daily preferences. This system was utilized to give the owner ultimate control of natural daylight in the space.

Most skylights are designed to mount onto a straight, level curb. The Roosevelt High School skylight was designed with a fan-effect, meaning the curb had a slight radius effect, which required significant customization to each sill member and rafter bar to accommodate this unique curb. Acurlite’s fabrication team unitized the Roosevelt High School skylight by pre-assembling every other section of the skylight in the shop, including adding the glass.

This unitizing allowed for quality assurance in a temperature and climate controlled environment, minimizing errors in the field, as well as reducing field installation time. Acurlite designed and fabricated a customized lifting and rigging apparatus to place each of the skylight sections in the field.

An additional scope of this project were 17 single pitch skylights that were fabricated and glazed completely in the shop, lifted into place, which only required adding the sill pan and lugs to fasten to the curb for ease in installation.

District of Columbia Department of General Services

Washington, DC

EE&K Architects (Perkins Eastman)

Smoot Gilbane

5 back-to-back sawtooth skylights with electrochromic glass and gutter system
14 single pitch skylights

Dynamic Glazing: 1-5/16” I.G.U. Electrochromic H.S./Solarblue H.S. lami w/ argon
Standard Glazing: 1-5/16” I.G.U. Solarban 60 H.S./ Clear H.S. lami