Polygon Skylight

  • internally guttered and heavy duty tubular system.
  • trademark Mortise and Tenon interface.
  • based upon the rain screen principle of pressure equalization.
  • unitized for shipment and ease of installation.
  • thermally improved for superior system performance.
  • tested to 3 times the industry standard for air, water, and structural stability.
  • capabilities include DOD/GSA bomb blast-rated, hurricane impact, and unique geometries.

Imagery on this page is for mock up purposes only.

Geometry, size, and dimensions are fully customizable.

Each project is custom designed, fabricated and engineered to your project’s specifics.

Click then drag to spin 3-D model. Click arrows in top-right to zoom or return.

Touch then drag to spin 3-D model. Touch arrows in top-right to zoom or return.

Typical Skylight Details

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2D Detail Drawings