Acurlite Structural Skylights Inc. is pleased to introduce our C-Series heavy-duty skylight line.  Acurlite’s C-Series skylight package stands for Component Series Skylight System.  The C-Series skylight system offers the same function, high performance longevity and warranty as Acurlite’s heavy-duty Advantage Series (A-Series) skylight system.

The C-Series package is the same heavy-duty commercial manufactured skylight system components but manufactured and shipped in a complete knock down format, to make it more economical. 

No pre-assembly or additional factory component assembly will take place.  These items are to be field cut and assembled. 

The C-Series skylight packages are engineered and partially shop fabricated.  All shop preparation, closure trimming and assembly is completed in the field under the C- Series package.

The C-Series system is limited to standard geometries where detailed engineering and fabrication time is not required.  For example:

  • Double-pitch
  • Ridge-type skylights
  • Ridge with flat gable ends and hip ends
  • Small- to medium-sized pyramids
  • Single slopes (with or without hip ends).

All other geometries due to complexity will fall under our normal Advantage-Series (A-Series) skylight program.

Please contact Acurlite Structural Skylights to see if the C-Series system will work for your next skylight project, as not all projects will qualify for the C-series sales and manufacturing approach.  Each opportunity will need to be reviewed in-house to make sure the C-Series approach is feasible.