Acurlite offers many levels of hurricane impact products.

We have made great strides in developing and testing our skylight system to offer protection from a storm’s damage. Advances in both laminated glazing and system design have brought new products that can withstand the wrath of some of the most powerful storms. Acurlite offers numerous geometries of hurricane/impact rated and blast resistant skylights for commercial and residential structures, as well as military and government buildings.


Weather is ever changing, as are the areas affected by it. Hurricanes do not just affect Florida and the Gulf Coast. Due to catastrophic storms up and down the coast and further inland, many states and local communities are demanding hurricane impact products which help minimize damage to buildings and protect occupants.

From the Gulf Coast to New England, coastal building codes are becoming more demanding in regards to impact and pressure resistance for all fenestration products. Impact resistant skylights significantly reduce the threat of structural damage, injury, and death.


We specialize in the manufacturing of hurricane, wind, and impact resistant skylights that are Miami-Dade County-approved, comply with all wind zones, including the HVHZ, of the Florida Building Code. Impact skylights are designed and certified to meet the requirements in hurricane-prone regions specified in the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and Florida Building Code (FBC) windborne debris region.

Look no further than Acurlite when looking to protect yourself from the storm. Whether you are seeking design assistance or system pricing, we can help you.

Orlando International Airport

Pictured is an in-progress look at the massive Skylight by Acurlite being installed in the Orlando International Airport Concourse.

Photo of the Orlando International Airport People Mover with the Curved Vault Skylight overhead.
Photo of the impact rated segmented vault skylight in Orlando International Airport in Florida.

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