In the world we live in today, there are many new threats to worry about. Many buildings, especially those in the government and public sector, are at risk of terroristic attacks.

Building envelopes need to be designed to minimize the effects of these attacks and protect those who occupy the space. Therefore substantial thought and consideration needs to be taken when designing the building envelope.

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Pictured: New York City Police Academy, New York City, NY.


Government agencies have taken the lead on specifications and requirements for blast-rated systems, with each project having its own specific requirements. Depending on surrounding conditions and the proximity of possible threats, loading requirements and building demands will vary by project.

Both the General Services Administration (GSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) have adopted requirements for blast-rated systems. An increasing number of commercial projects are also incorporating requirements for blast-rated building systems. The use of a blast-rated system can lessen the number and severity of glass-related injuries, if a blast occurs.

Acurlite is proud to offer our clients the most durable, blast-rated skylight products available on the market today. We understand the complexities involved in a blast project and have an experienced engineering staff who can help guide you through them. When designing a building with blast requirements, the occupant’s safety is the number one concern. Our performance-driven skylight systems will provide safety and security against cyclic wind pressure, flying debris, incidental impacts, and excessive noise.

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