Pre-Glazed / Unitizing

Our skylights are a high quality product that are efficient and easy to erect. Acurlite’s trademark is an integrated skylight system with a Mortise and Tenon design engineered to be shop assembled and unitized into manageable sections prior to shipping. This assures that everything will fit properly when the unit arrives in the field.

Shipping of skylights partially to fully assembled simplifies field installation and overall project management. Acurlite’s ability to shop assemble and unitize allows for decreased installation dollars allowing customers in expensive wage areas to be more competitive. Less time in the field also allows for safer installations.

If the skylight is too large to ship fully assembled, our factory shop-assembles to assure quality and fit. The skylights are then disassembled in modular sections for shipping.

Factory Glazed & Unitized

For certain projects of substantial size and repetitiveness Acurlite has the ability to shop unitize and pre-glaze prior to shipping to the job site. Factory glazing allows for further reduction in installation and project management dollars. Acurlite can also design custom lifting rigs specific to your project needs or requirements.