The Roeper School

The Roeper School

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Located in Southern Michigan, The Roeper School is an independent school for gifted children who are passionate about learning. An international leader in gifted education, The Roeper School guides students to become curious, engaged, and impactful members of their communities. The campus serves over 550 students in preschool through Grade 12. Their academic curriculum emphasizes conceptual and experiential learning opportunities with everything from vibrant arts program to exciting athletics department, where the goal is to nurture the whole child and offer a community where students can learn, play, explore, and discover.

The expansion of the Roeper School’s campus presented an opportunity to create places for academic and social interaction that better serve the needs of the school’s middle and high school students. HMFH Architetcts transformed the existing central courtyard into a new commons with a student dining area, flexible group and individual workspaces, and integration of evolving technology. Illuminating this space were skylights.

Acurlite Structural Skylights provided 15 Pre-Glazed / Pre-Assembled skylights with electrochromic glazing. The units shipped from Acurlite fully assembled and glazed with the electrochromic glazing and components pre-installed to be final wired in the field.

The EZ-Lite pre-glazed / pre-assembled line allows for easy installation on site built curbs. Utilizing a factory glazed and assembled product ensures a water tight solution for any skylight application. Allow Acurlite to be your system partner on your next skylight project and take advantage of our quality and engineering experience. Acurlite’s system is tested to 3 times industry standards allowing for superior performance in any application.
Acurlite stands ready to support you on your skylight needs.

The Roeper Institute

Bloomfield Hills, MI

HMFH Architects

The Alan Group

15 Ea. identical pre-glazed / pre-assembled
flat skylights